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Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis

Supple Rehabilitation™ presents a simple plan developed by top researchers that has been proven to reduce the pain and immobility caused by arthritis. With your order of Supple®, you will receive the New York Times Bestseller, Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis. This book will give you cutting edge strategies to increase strength and physical function, improve mood and self-confidence, reduce inflammation--- and shed extra pounds!

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Dr Monita Poudyal

Dr. Monita Poudyal

Dr. Monita Poudyal, M.D., is board certified in internal medicine. She is Yale University–trained and has completed clinical research training at the National Institutes of Health. After spending years in private practice helping patients with limited financial means and advanced medical problems, her special interest now is in educating the public about natural and safe ways to maximize musculoskeletal health, in order to live a longer, more satisfying life.

“Whether you’re a professional athlete who wants effective joint protection or a retiree who just wants to enjoy gardening again, Supple® have the right ingredients to keep you moving discomfort-free. Supple® is specially formulated to deliver premium quality, pharmaceutical strength glucosamine and chondroitin, along with 10 USP–grade vitamins and minerals that will protect, repair, and soothe your joints. These ingredients have been rigorously tested and proven to optimize joint health for over 3 decades.

Because there is more research now than ever that shows how important weight loss, strength training and nutrition are to maintaining good joint health and treating arthritis, the 2 Step Supple® Plan offers what no other joint health product can: Strong Men and Women Beat Arthritis, a scientifically proven guide to diet and exercise that will help you beat the symptoms of arthritis and give you the arthritis help you've been looking for. Used in combination with a daily dose of Supple®, Strong Men and Women Beat Arthritis can lead you to a completely satisfying life of fitness and mobility using natural joint relief. Learn More About the 2-Step System.

Supple® would like to thank Dr. Monita Poudyal for her continued work in treating arthritis and giving insight to those looking for arthritis help. Join Dr. Monita Poudyal and make a commitment today to live that healthy lifestyle, keep your joints moving and respect your body. Supple® will join you in that commitment.”

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Our highest priority is your satisfaction. If Supple® does not completely meet your expectations, simply call customer service and return your unused cans within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of your purchase price (less P/H). We believe in Supple®, and soon you will too!

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